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Law 21

mars 22, 2022

Law 21

Law 21 is a law for Québec in Québec.  It is different  with english canadian people because of our difference of  culture. We have a french history and you have an english one , these two culture dont see the religion in the same way. Québec have an history true laïcism that other do not have. In the 1960, we stop to be catholic prisonners.

I do not understand why other provinces are talking about law 21, knowing that majority of Quebecers agree with that law .  Why Canada  can take position about the Quebec governement rules for their workers?  It can be a syndicat preoccupation but not  a Canadian one.  Canada  dont even have to live under that rule. So, what is the problem out Quebec?

They are thinking exacly as when the goverment of Canada decided to kill the indian in all indian child.  After law 21, it will be law 96, against  french, because we would like Québec to be englisn speaking country as all over Canada.

Law 21 is the same for all religions in Quebec. It is a way to be sure religion take the place that should take a religion in our life.  At home and in temples.

A muslim woman can go where ever she wants with an hijab in Québec. The law will even protect her from to be butter by others.  But no one,  whatever the religion, can teach with a religious sing,  The same if you are a police or a judge.

With law 21 we wanted to stop all these fights for power of religions. Indeed, hijab is never name in the Coran, so we can wonder why we pretend it is a rule for muslim.   Lot of women around the world do not wear hjjab ans still good muslim. It just proove that men still want to have hand on women . There is a difference between religion and prosélytisme.

Stop lying!   The teacher did not loose her job because of law 21. She has been transfert, so she can respect the law, like it should have been done at the beginning.

If you dont want Québec to be laïc and french culture, just put us out of Canada. In fact, we never sing the new constitution, so we are already out.

We will be super happy that Québec be independant if you do not respect our culture. We are not a nother Ukraine where Roc tell us how to live.

If you change the constitution and have respect for our culture, we might be happy to be canadian. The realty is that there  already trwo Canada in one. French (Québec)  and Enghish (the rest of Canada).

 And we also have to respect and agree that the First nations are also completely part of our egal nations  partners.  They were the first in this land. Respect us and maybe one day we will be happy to be canadian.


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